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We strongly believe that

Supply of products meeting quality requirement of our customer. Quality is the key to survival as well as progress of the company and hence we are committed to achieve and maintain class quality, consistently required for our customer.


  • Effective training to the personnel in the organization.
  • Improving the customer satisfaction index.
  • Effective utilization of resources.

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Quality Policy

In, RAMA METAL PRODUCTS our mission is to apply and sustain the Quality management System in Conformity with International Quality Standards ISO 9001:2015 in all aspects of our Operations.

To, accomplish our mission we must:

Understand Client Needs

We have made a commitment to understand our Client needs, meet their requirements, and strive to exceed their expectation.

Our Responsibilities

Meet the requirements of Interested parties and our Social, environmental and responsibilities. We are committed to creating and maintaining a working environment to achieving our Objectives. Continuous improvement in all aspects of works.

Quality Policy

We have implemented and promoted a culture of risk-based thinking throughout the organization to determine and address the risks and opportunities associated with providing assurance that the QMS can achieve its intended results.